Self Defense Products For Seniors – The Double Trouble Stun Gun

Self defense products for seniors are really a boon. With crime increasing at an alarming rate and senior citizens being one of the major targets, it is important to equip oneself with tools that can provide personal security and personal protection. No wonder the self defense industry has emphasized on manufacturing performance oriented devices for seniors. These devices are easy to use and carry around.The double trouble stun gun is known to be one of the best tools that have been designed for self defense for seniors. It has been engineered in a fashion to provide twice the shock in a single weapon. It is absolutely non-lethal but delivers powerful 1.2 million volt shock to stop the attacker from being successful in his motives.

One thing that makes this one stand apart from others available on the market is that it has 5 inches between the contacts that deliver the shock. This is not found in any other stun gun available on the market. Most of the standard stun guns have 1-1/2 inches between contacts. Having more area on the attacker is great because it is the best way to shock your attacker.The double trouble stunner is easy to hold on as comes with amazing rubber coated soft grip. It also features a hand strap to facilitate you keep full control of the gun. You can carry this gun in a nylon carrying case available at the time of purchase. You can also carry this stun gun in your purse.

If you are serious about purchasing a stun tool that delivers you double the power, you must go for this double trouble stun gun.This stun device will not harm you when trying to stop the attacker from harming you. The weapon is ideal for short people, women, teenagers, senior citizens and the disabled.When are you getting one?